The coin method

Three coins are used. Old Chinese coins are, of course, nice for this purpose, but any three identical coins will do. Be sure that you shuffle the coins properly and avoid rolling them onto the floor. Each coin should be turned a few times before shaking them in the hands and lay them softly on the table.

1. The coins are shuffled and put on the table six times, one for each line.

2. The front of the coin is three and the reverse of the coin is two. Therefore, the result will always be either 6, 7, 8, or 9.

3. Make a note. This produced one line out of six.

Changing lines can be marked with an x on the side.

———    ——— x   6 (called Old Yin;  it will soon reach its climax and change to Yang)

———————      7 (called Young Yang;  it will stay Yang for some time).

———    ———      8 (called Young Yin;  it will stay Yin for some time).

——————— x    9 (called Old Yang;  it will soon reach its climax and change to Yin).