Zhou Yi -Book of Changes

By Lars Bo Christensen

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What the readers say:

“Lars Bo Christensen’s translation is excellent, as it is his idea of offering to the reader the “core” of the book, because the reader will have direct contact with the ancient text without the many layers of interpretations which in a sense obscure our comprehension of the original text. The introduction is clear, deep and concise. It is a book to be read both by academics and non academics.”
Gabriel García-Noblejas, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, University of Granada, Spain.

“It’s a great source of new ideas, and the information in the introduction is good to have. If you – like me – have got comfortable with certain explanations of the lines, this is an excellently uncomfortable book to have, and greatly recommended.” Hilary Barrett – I Ching Clarity.

“The I Ching is often quite difficult to interpret due to translations that are cryptic, obtuse, and awkward in formulation. Also, the translators often seem to be interjecting their own biases into the text content. This translation seems to be more straightforward and objective…”
Amazon customer.

“…published in 2015 and I wish I’d bought it sooner. It’s a joy to read, and to use. It’s added so much to my understanding of the YiJing in a number of ways, and as such is a welcome addition to my collection of YiJing books. The book is so comprehensive yet so simply written…”
Amazon customer.

“..The book is written in an easy-to-read style, so is very accessible. Once I’d started reading it I found it so engaging and the reading experience so flowing that I kept going until I’d read it all – a first for me when it comes to Yi Jing books…” Amazon customer.

“…The history of the Yi Jing is very well covered, and even if history isn’t your thing the author’s explanations are written with a lightness and accessibility such that you never feel like you are having to trudge through the pages. On the contrary, it’s probably the first time I’ve felt like I have been able to read enthusiastically about the Yi Jing’s compilation and early forms of use. This is due to the author’s writing style and his choices of what material to present and how to present it…” Amazon customer.

“An unusual work that presents the translation in two versions: one with vocabulary notes about many of the key terms, and another with a helpful, proverb-like statement by the author appended to clarify the meaning of each line. I find the author’s commentary very interesting and helpful.” Joseph F. Morales