Example of translation from the book

58 – Joy

There can be joy when things go well. Therefore, it will be beneficial to correct things.
Joy can come when all is well.

Beginning 9: Responding to joy is good.
To be happy we must be able to feel and respond to joy.

Second 9: Joy based on inner confidence is good and will make sadness go away.
True joy comes from within.

Third 6: Joy coming from others may turn bad.
Joy that is dependent on others is unreliable.

Fourth 9: Talking about joy, but there is still not peace. When harm is warded off there can be happiness.
Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

Fifth 9: It is harmful to have confidence in what is decaying.
True joy is based on a solid foundation.

Top 6: Pull joy forward.
When everything is already well, but joy is still not there, just make it come.
*Please note that the lines in italics are the author’s interpretations